Up Your Game: Add a Professional Finish to a Simple Slip Seat

If you watch any D-I-Y or home decorating program, eventually you’ll see drop in seats for dining room chairs recovered. The hosts make it look super easy and, often, a slip seat is a budding upholster’s first project.

Upholstering a basic slip seat IS easy…once you’ve developed some basic skills and have some good tools. Which, of course, are available Fabric Farms Interiors! But we’re here today to help you take that basic slipseat and make it look *awesome*. We’re all about giving you the tools and tips to make your work look professional, not just “good enough”.

Adding cording to a slip seat really does give it that polished, professional finish. Watch as Bernie steps you through exactly how to do it! (If you need a refresher on how to make cording, check out this video.)

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