Up Your Game: Blind Tacking Your Way to Smooth Perfection!

Have you ever wondered how skirts get attached to sofas and chairs? Or how ottomans or chairs achieve that clean bi-level look? The answer is Blind Tacking! In upholstery there are 2 types of  invisible”tacking”: the kind that closes up the back of a chair or sofa (usually we use pli-grip or a flexible metal tack strip) and the kind that creates a clean line between fabrics at the (usually bottom) edge. For that kind of Blind Tacking, we use a cardboard tack strip. And then you get something that looks like this!
Clean Edged Lower Chair Panel
Clean edged perfection! Bernie has created a video tutorial to show you how to use the cardboard tack strip to create a clean, crisp line between fabrics. Although he shows an example that uses cording, you can always choose not to incorporate cording into your project.
Watch for an upcoming blog post on the other kind of blind tacking, using a flexible, metal tack strip to close the back of a chair or sofa.

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