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Sectional Reupholstery

Yes! Your sectional sofa can be reupholstered! Reupholstery is cost effective and can save you money if the piece to be re-covered was originally well-made or the style or size is ideal.

Each piece in your sectional is looked at as a separate piece. For example, if your sectional has a piece that is 72” long, this would be considered a sofa and sofa prices and yardage would apply. If your sectional has a piece that is between 36” and 54”, this would be considered a loveseat and loveseat prices and yardage would apply. The center piece is most likely a chair, so chair prices and yardage would apply. Most sectionals use 30-40 yards of fabric, depending on size and style.

Estimated Pricing

To help determine whether or not to reupholster, read our article upholstery basics. The final cost to reupholster will hinge mostly on the fabric selection and any special features your piece may have (channel-back, tufting, buttons, etc). We use only highly-qualified and experienced upholsterers.

Estimated labor prices and yardage are based on purchasing your fabric and supplies from our store. Our prices assume the furniture is in good condition (springs, frame, and all paddings). If additional padding (foam, dacron) is needed, it will be added to the balance due upon completion. Add 10% or more yardage for patterned fabrics. Note: All prices subject to change without notice.

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