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Your Decorating Goal – A Suitable Living Space

Living space should be suitable for the people who live in it – physically, intellectually, emotionally and culturally.

A suitable living space has four characteristics: function, beauty, personality, and economy.

Function is workability and livability. You must be able to use the home effectively and conveniently.

Beauty is that attribute which makes an object pleasing to the senses or uplifting to your spirit.  Your interior should be aesthetically pleasing to most people – family and guests.

Personality is also known as character or individuality.  It makes your home uniquely yours. It differentiates your living space from others, and expresses the personalities of the people who live there.

Economy is a method of handling resources – human, material and natural. A suitable living space is designed to conserve human resources. It needs to be convenient in both time and energy savings, and require a predetermined and acceptable amount of maintenance. Material resources are conserved when items purchased are worth what you paid for them. One way to conserve material resources is by using furnishings that are already owned. When designing your interior, conserving energy is becoming more important. For example, the proper selection of window treatments, can help control inside temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Blog entry based on the book: “The Art of Interior Decorating”

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