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Window Furnishings or Window Dressings?

If you’re considering a window treatment upgrade in your home, consider the difference between window dressings and window furnishings.

Hard window treatments including blinds, shutters, screens and shades are more like window furniture in that they’re made of hard woods and/or tougher materials. They are primarily customized to fit inside your window frames in order to assume the window’s shape.

If you’ve chosen window furnishings to block out your light sources, you can combine them with drapery fabrics in order to soften the atmosphere of your room while still providing the privacy you need.

Window dressing involve unique designs and color-coordinated fabrics with lush trimmings and beads, or fabric panels and shades. Window dressings always consist of fabrics whose colors and patterns will make a substantial impact on your home decor as well as your style and personality.

From ADO Treatment Trends magazine

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