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What is interlining?

Interlining is a light-weight cotton fabric that is napped – it looks like flannel. It comes in white and ivory colors and is readily available in any home dec fabric store. Interlining is added between your face fabric and your drapery lining.

Adding interlining to your draperies is the best way to insulate your windows and it adds a luxurious and expensive look to your window treatments. Many interiors designers and decorators use interlining in professional custom-made window treatments.

Interlining is a must for draperies made of silk. It helps preserve the fabric and adds, as mentioned above, adds luxuriousness to your treatments.

There is a new drapery lining on the market now that combines interlining with regular drapery lining – we call it “combo lining”. Combo lining has flannel on one side and regular drapery lining on the other. Since is it one piece of fabric, you save time in construction of your custom window treatments.

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