Upholstery Fabric: Choosing the Right One

Determining which fabrics are suitable for upholstery is more an art than a science…

Yummy Fabrics! But which ones are good for upholstery?!?

…but there are certain guidelines to make it easier to choose an appropriate fabric!

There are four main factors to take into consideration

Most upholstery fabrics are heavier weight and opaque. If you can see through it, keep looking!

A super drape-y, soft fabric will sometimes have trouble holding a crisp edge. Some drape is good and can make upholstery easier; too much is…not.

The looser the weave, the less likely it’s a good fabric for upholstery. Unless it has a backing – fabrics with backing are normally great for upholstery!


Double Rubs are an industry standard. The higher the double rubs, the greater the ability to resist wear. 

We’ve got more examples here:

More questions? Come and visit us at our Hilliard, Ohio store! If you can’t come it, drop us a line on Facebook. Next time, we’ll crack the fabric code: understanding the information that the manufacturer provides is key to understanding what a fabric can and cannot do!

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