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The Decorating Plan – The Planning Process

Your decorating plan should be on paper. Write it down. Organize your thoughts and plan of action. A plan on paper can be altered, modified, expanded or abandoned without cost. The time to discover that the sofa idea isn’t going to work, is during the planning phase, not after the furniture has been delivered.

There are two parts to your decorating plan: whole-house and room plans.

Whole-House or Master Plan
A whole-house or master plan establishes ground rules for the entire job. It contains information about the decorating personalities of the people who live in your home, your lifestyle needs and personal preferences. It also specifies the general style to be followed, overall color scheme, total budget and the priority of expenditures.

Room Plans
Room plans are more detailed. You should have an outline for each area with a scale floor plan, style, color scheme, furniture arrangement, budget, list of existing resources, window treatments, floor covering specifications, lighting plan and accessorizing details. Even the functions of the room should be included so you can strike a balance between beauty and utility.

The creative part of decorating is done during the planning process. When that’s done, all that remains is the physical job of putting things together.

Decorating Notebook
Both whole-house and room plans should be part of your decorating notebook. The whole-house plan goes at the beginning, and various room plans following.

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