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Stout Textiles is an interior furnishings company that designs and distributes fabric, trimmings, and wallpapers.

They were founded in 1927 by brothers Charles and Harry Stout. Four generations later, the company is still in family hands and is located only a few minutes from its original birthplace of Philadelphia. It began as an upholstery supply shop during the 20th century in center city Philadelphia but quickly changed is offerings to appeal to the rapid rise of interior decorating.

Stout textiles offers upholstery fabrics, outdoor fabrics, industrial fabrics, drapery fabrics, and trims and tapes.

Stout Textiles are chosen for their durability, structural integrity, and protection against external elements. They offer a visually appealing and versatile option for applications such as upholstery, outdoor cushions, and high-end design, while also potentially offering sustainability benefits with the use of natural fibers.

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