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Hello again Fabric Fans!  Here is the 2nd installment of our new education series, SPOTLIGHT ON TECHNIQUE.  We are further exploring Trims – specifically larger flat trims, braids and fringes!

Part 1: Life on the Edge

Last time we talked about gimps & braids smaller than 1″.  This week we’re taking on the big boys – trims 2 inches or larger.  These are used for larger pieces (think upholstered sofas or long drapes) and/or for dramatic IMPACT!

Bold Coral Trim Makes a Statement

Instead of a flat, streamlined trim on these draperies, a fringe (for a softer effect) or a braid (for a heavier silhouette) could have been used – and the effect would have been completely different!

Part 2: A Pillow…by any other name

Trims make pillows pop.  They are the easiest way to personalize your pillows – take plain Jane store bought pillows and make them into designer statement pieces…all with a little trim and glue!

Fabricut Fabrics and Trims

Don’t be afraid to experiment!  Larger trims can transform your projects from dull to dynamite, trust us.  We’d love to see your projects – showcasing our customers’ projects on our Facebook page is fun – and inspirational – for everyone!

Next Time: Our last post about edgings – piping, welting, double welting – will discuss how to choose the right size for your project and tips on using pre-made versus making your own.

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