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Pillow Talk, Part I: Practicalities

If you’re looking for design bang for the buck, look no further than the humble throw pillow.
Often provided for free with the purchase of a sofa, a pair of pillows is traditionally placed like lonely soldiers guarding either side of a 2 or 3 seater.  

Small or large, usually uncomfortable, these “decorative accents” are often thrown to the side by children seeking unimpeded comfort. (At least that’s what happens in my house.  We had to have a family meeting when my silk covered pillows ended up on the floor.  Mama was less than pleased.)

As I explained to my children, the throw pillow is more than a “decorative accent” and, used properly, it can actual add comfort to your sofa or chair.  Eyes began to glaze over at this point in my lecture so I will spare you the long version.  Suffice it say that pillows need to be functional as well as decorative in today’s family homes.  Here’s how you can make your pillows work harder in your family room.

Your first step is, logically, to sit on your sofa or chair. Is it comfortable as is?  Are there any gaps between your back and the back of the sofa/chair? Depending on the size of the gap, adding a correctly sized square or lumbar pillow can greatly improve comfort. 
Next, assess your needs and how you use the furniture. Move around and get comfortable.  How do you end up sitting (or lying) on your sofa?  My husband prefers to wedge into the corner of a sofa and use a pillow as an armrest.  I like to sit next to him with a squishy feather and down filled pillow behind my back.  The standard 16” square pillow works for both of us.  The kids want to stretch out along the entire length & use a twin sized pillow or two.  (Fresh from their beds…*shudder*…NOT allowed!)

The way I deal with these differing needs is to have 2 – 18” feather & down pillows, 2 – 24” square poly-fill pillows, and a pretty wicker basket for the overflow pillows.  Normally, I try to have at least 3 pillows on display on our sofa because an odd number is better design (the rule of 3!). The third pillow can be completely decorative and small – a 14” square or even a 9” ring bearer pillow.  Really amp up the design on it and have fun – after all, if my kids have any say in the matter, the poor thing will spend most of its life in a basket so it needs to have impact on its own.

Thirdly, consider the pillows you have.  Are they comfortable, hard, old & misshapen? You can (and should!) replace the pillow forms to ensure maximum comfort.  The pillow forms sold by Fabric Farms Interiors are long lasting and of excellent quality. Unlike like some I’ve bought at other stores.  Seriously, trust me on this. A bad pillow is not worth the money.  

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We’ll talk next time about designing your pillows and how to easily change the mood of the room with these decorative – and functional – workhorses.

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