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Pillow Forms

We carry pillow forms come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Here’s a breakdown of some of the sizes available:

Ring-bearer pillow forms (9″) are an easy way to customize your wedding. Cover them with fabric to match your dress or bridesmaid dresses…or get bold and daring and cover the pillow in a wild fabric! What a conversation starter! Our ring-bearer pillows forms come in square and round shapes. They are flatter than a regular 10″ pillow form so the rings lie nicely on top.

10″ pillow forms are great for needlepoint memory pillows. These are plumper than the ring-bearer pillow forms. Memory pillows are great for weddings, shower gifts, baby gifts, graduation, birthdays, and anniversaries.

In addition to square pillow forms in a variety of sizes – 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 27″ and 30″ – we also carry lumbar pillow forms. These are rectangular forms that are great to nestle in the back of a chair seat or along a window seat.

Euro pillows are larger pillows usually used on beds. 27″ and 30″ pillow forms are great for Euro shams.

When purchasing pillow forms, you want to buy a form approximately 2″ larger than the finished size of the pillow you want. For example, you are adding 18″ throw pillows to your sofa. You will want to purchase 20″ pillow forms. The larger form will produce a nice plump looking pillow.

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