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Patriotic Decor

What better way to update your home and show off your national pride than to incorporate patriotic home décor into your living space? By using a patriotic decorating theme, you can proudly display your patriotism while at the same time updating the look of your home with a popular design trend.

Patriotic design elements can be incorporated into any room of your home. You can easily build an entire room’s decor around a patriotic theme, or you can simply incorporate individual patriotic home décor pieces into your current décor as you see fit.

Patriotic Décor in the Kitchen
The kitchen is probably the most popular room in the home for showing off one’s patriotic spirit through decorating. Patriotic design elements lend themselves very well to this style. A wallpaper border with a patriotic theme can be a great way to set the stage.

It is easy to find curtains, dish towels, tablecloths, placemats, plates, tablecloths, wall hangings, and many other types of kitchenware that reflect patriotic themes. Whether you prefer a bold stars and stripes approach to decorating with a patriotic flair, or if you like the Americana and folk art style, you can create a fabulous kitchen environment with patriotic home décor.

Patriotic Home Décor in Your Sunroom
Since many people associate patriotic colors and designs with summertime and cookouts, the sunroom is one of the most popular locations for patriotic décor. Bright shades of red, white, and blue are very appropriate for open and sunny sunroom spaces. These rooms lend themselves well to casual design elements, such as white wicker furniture with stars and stripes seat covers, patriotic folk art wall hangings, and clear Lucite glassware and dinnerware with a splashy stars and stripes pattern.

Bringing the Patriotic Spirit to Your Bedroom
One of the best ways to bring patriotic design elements into your bedroom is with a traditional quilt set. Quilt sets make beautiful finishing touches on dark wood four-poster bed frames reminiscent of the early days of American history. They lend a genuine look and feel to even modern furniture designed to replicate antique Early American pieces.

No matter what the pattern, quilts are reminiscent of the colonial times. By selecting a quilt that incorporates patriotic colors of red, white, and blue, along with a star design theme, it is easy to bring patriotic design into your sleeping quarters. A cane back rocking chair, pewter candleholders and folk art wall hangings are the ideal patriotic complements to your quilt set.

Incorporating Patriotic Décor Into Your Home
The key with introducing patriotic home décor into your home is not to go overboard with bold colors and patterns. You probably don’t want to paint the walls of your bedroom red or your kitchen cabinets navy blue. Use the bold colors sparingly
And wisely, and you’ll end up with a beautiful color palette and decorating scheme that is both attractive and patriotic.

By: Mary White

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