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Nail Head Trim

This is a very hot item on our website lately – decorative nail head trim. Nail head trim is a decorative accent that is used to embellish upholstered furniture. The nail head detail gives furniture a sophisticated look. It accentuates the style of the piece, and it is usually used on arms and rails. You’ll find it commonly used with leather-upholstered furniture, particularly leather sofas, chairs and ottomans. It would also be great on headboards and cornices.

   French Natural Nailhead Trim Kits

 Continuous nail head trim eliminates individual nailing (you put a nail in every 5 spaces) and speeds up operations, cuts material costs dramatically, and accurately spaces the decorative nails.  Continuous nail head trim strip looks like many nail heads joined together. To prevent damage to the decorative nail head when you are installing, use a lightweight tack hammer with a nylon tip. 
Each kit contains 10 yards of trim plus matching nail heads.  Four colors of nail heads are available – nickel, french natural, brass, and pewter. The nickel is the most popular.

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