Interior Design Theory

In many ways the decorator’s approach to a room is like a fine artist’s approach to her canvas. Both are working in visual art forms and both rely on certain principles of design to make their compositions pleasing. The major difference between the decorator and fine artist is function.

Design theory supplies the “why” of decorating. It is the reason for having one color dominate a room and others subordinate it – for achieving balance between opposing walls and for choosing a wallpaper design that’s scaled properly for the size of the room. Without the proper application of this theory, it isn’t possible to develop rooms that are truly beautiful.

There are two types of design – structural and decorative.

Structural design refers to those elements that are part of an object’s basic structure. Good structural design has 4 basic attributes: simplicity, good proportion, appropriate materials, and suitability.  When looking at a piece of furniture, it is well proportioned, made of appropriate materials, and suitable for the use it was intended? If so, it has good structural design.

Decorative design are the elements the artists adds to the basic structure for purposes of ornamentation are decorative.  There are 3 basic kinds of decorative design: naturalistic, conventional, abstract.

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