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Holiday Tablescapes

Ready to amp up your holiday decorating? Here are some tips to create a beautifully decorated table!

Embroidered Sheer over Red Tablecloth

1. Start with the basics: your dishes. Take your cue from the colors in your dishes! You can break the rules when you go custom – blue linen base, creamy metallic placemats, and a sheer overlay for texture! Or go traditional with a red base and a sheer gold embroidered overlay, as pictured.

Embroidered Sheer over Rustic Burlap

2. Silver or gold? The new trend in metallic fabrics is a boon for holiday table decorating! Go for a white with a subtle silver glint to add celebratory glitz.

3. Take a glass bowl, fill with LED mini lights and drape your sheer over that to create a simple, glowing centerpiece. Tuck around the bowl and surround with pine cones, glazed fruit, and nuts.

4. Go from rustic to simple chic! Burlap and rustic chic is a trend which is still going strong. Take your burlap tablecloth and make it sophisticated with an inexpensive sheer overlay. Often 110″ or more wide, a length of sheer embroidered fabric is the budget option to sophistication.

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