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Flat Roman Shade

A flat Roman shade is a window shade made from fabric that hangs flat when down but folds like an accordion when raised.

Roman shades have grown in popularity in recent years. Roman shades can be hung in your windows all by themselves or they can be used in conjunction with valances or draperies for a great layered look.

Roman shades are incredibly flexible and light-efficient. They also offer better temperature control than other types of shades. In winter, you can draw them high to allow the sun’s natural heating rays to enter the room, and after the sunset you can close them tightly, stopping the heat from escaping through the window. In the summer, you can close the Roman shades almost completely to prevent the overheating of the room, while in the evening you can open the shades to cool down the temperature.

The sleek design of Roman shades compliments the clean lines of contemporary furniture but they can be used in almost any setting. Your choice of fabric plays a big part in the overall design of your Roman shade. Additionally, this type of shade can be made at home which decreases decorating costs and allows you to personalize your window coverings.

Making Your Own Roman Shades
Begin by measuring the window carefully. Making a Roman shade requires:
• Basic sewing skills
• Fabric (add 18” to the finished length of your shade; allow extra fabric to match pattern repeats).
• Drapery lining
• Mounting board, angle irons, screws
• Plastic (or brass plated) rings
• Screws eyes
• Cord lock
• Cord cleat
• Cord drop (weight) or tassel (optional)
• Cording (# of yards = # rows of cording x finished length of shade x 2 divided by 36)
• Brass weight bar

Roman shades are an simple way to cover windows. They can be dressed up or simplified to suit any style and the ease of use will make letting light into the home an effortless task and provide decoration and privacy as well.

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