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Elements of Today’s Country

Whether it’s called Countrypolitan, Urban Country or Casual Chic, today’s country looks are decidedly more modern and upscale. This “city-girl-meets-country-gal” trend appeals to country lovers with rural roots as well as younger urban dwellers wanting a casual look for their lofts. Here are some design trends and elements of today’s new country style:

Smoother Finishes: Blistering and peeling paint surfaces have been scaled down to a slight rub, and we rarely see multiple layers of chippy paint.

Less Clutter: Less is definitely more in a new country style. One or two nicely shaped candlesticks on a mantel outshine the old filled-to-the brim look.

Brighter primitives: Dark brick reds and dingy mustard yellows have lightened up to fresh corals and soft wheat hues. In some cases. familiar country standards, such as dry sinks or ladder-back chairs, have emerged in bright ocean blues or citrusy yellows.

Folk-Art Highlights: High-quality craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind artists’ pieces take center stage in many new country homes.

Modern Replicas: Well-made reproductions pair classic designs with modern convenience. Deep farmhouse sinks look like they were plucked from a Nebraska cornfield, and antique-style stoves appear to burn wood like the originals.

Organic, Natural Designs: Florals, ferns, butterflies and birds, all rendered in a botanical style, live on and amongst natural fibers such as burlap and linen.

From Stencils to Script:  The old one-dimensional silhouetted images and block ABC’s have been replaced with subtly defined brushwork and flowing script lettering.

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