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Design Ideas for Romantics

Are you a romantic at heart? Do you want a home that’s a haven from the pressures of the outside world?

A good way to start your design process is to plan an environment that contrasts with the outside world. For example, use warm colors if the climate is cool in your area and cool colors if the climate is warm.

Here are some decorating ideas that appeal to romance:
1. Antiques
2. Candles and candlelight
3. Floral prints
4. Delicate fabrics (silk, lace)
5. Color schemes that are drawn from nature; pastels (soft colors)
6. Rattan and wicker
7. Memorabilia and nostalgic accents (photos)
8. Traditional stylings
9. Hooked rugs
10. Frills, flounces, curved lines
11. Four-poster beds and canopies

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