2012 color trends, 2012 design trends

Design 2012

Here are the latest trends from the New York Home Fashions Market this past fall.

Suburban Platinum Paisley

Grey is the dominant neutral. It is often combined with citrus yellow or blended with shades of lavender. 

Brown remains a popular neutral, and is mostly combined with purple and blue.

Black with textural details and black paired with white, ivory, gold and yellow or green.

 Patterns and Motifs

Rasul 228 Berry
Rasul 224 Berry

 The popularity of ikat (pronounced ee-khat) designs continues. The ethnic / global influence is strong, with motifs that are more general in feeling and not tied to any particular culture as they have been in the past.

Animal prints pop up regularly, but most with a twist either combined with other patterns or in non-standard color paterns, such as zebra prints in brown and ivory.

Paisleys and overscaled florals are popular in an assortment of colors.

Materials and Surface Treatments

“Faux” is “in” as in fur replica throws. Cost-saving printed designs mimic more expensive linen looks – embroidery, crochet, and embossed quilted effects.

Patterns are printed to look like hand-painted watercolor designs, with some distressing to add to the illusion of handcrafting.

Linen and cotton canvas add texture and a casual feel.

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