decorating personality

Decorating Personality & Lifestyle Preferences

The first step in your decorating plan is to discover your decorating personality, then you look at the other people in your family.

Decorating Personality
Because you’re working on your own home, the first personality that must be examined is yours.

1. What kind of environment makes you happy?
2. Are you aggressive or shy, romantic or businesslike, a trend-setter or not?

You’re most likely a blend of all these personality traits. After you’ve examined your decorating personality, then you can obtain similar information about the other members of your family.

Lifestyle and Personal Preference
Lifestyle is a composite of all home related activities. Some activities are common to everyone (eat, sleep, read, etc.) and others can be quite individual (sports, hobbies, work-at-home needs, etc.).

Lifestyle information also includes the type and frequency of entertaining, the family situation (adults only or children too), and the length of time members will remain in the home.

Personal preferences should be considered too. Rooms that are to decorated to suit particular individuals ought to contain colors, styles, fabrics and prints they like best.

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