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Decorating Personality In-Depth

Personality is the most important attribute of successful interior decorating. Of the four primary characteristics of a suitable living space – function, beauty, personality, and economy – personality is the one that makes one home different from another. Sometimes personality is called individuality or character.

Understanding the Individual
Homes should reflect the differences of the people who live in it.
– What kind of person are you?
– Are you romantic?
– Do you like to choose furnishings for the memories they stir?
– Are you action oriented? Someone who sees a home as an operations center from which you can control the dynamics of living?
– Are you gregarious or reclusive?
– Are you serious or fun-loving?
– Are you practical or impractical?
No two people are exactly alike so no single interior is likely to suit everybody. You are unique and your home should show it.

There are differences between the people who live in your house. Compromises and trade-offs will be necessary. Rooms that are chiefly the territory of a particular individual should reflect his or her personality. Group spaces will usually be compromises. The best approach is often to avoid colors, furnishings, etc. that individuals like least.

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