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Decorating in tough economic times

Now is a wonderful time to be thinking about decorating your home. More and more people are taking the plunge to change things up in their homes right now. With the economy where it is, people may not be buying a bigger home but are looking for ways to enhance their current home. Everyone wants to make their home a sanctuary from the world around them. A place where family and friends will feel weelcome and comfortable.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about some ways that are very affordable to turn your home into your castle.

Look at some colors that are a bit brighter and bring the sunshine in. Color can make a huge difference in your home. Also, think about things that will inpire you as they brighten your day and may even bring a smile to your face. Something a little unexpected. A sigh or wall hanging, throw pillows with embroidery, a cute little accent piece that only you and your family will understand but will cause your friends to ask you “What is that all about?” Something that has special meaning to you will brighten your day and lift your spirit.

While we are talking about things to decorate your home, let’s not forget about our sense of smell. Smells can often lift your spirits and create that atmosphere that you are looking for.

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