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Decorating Ideas for Extroverts

Are you an extrovert? Are words like bold, brash, dramatic, and gregarious used to describe you?  Here are some design ideas that appeal to extroverts:

1. Dramatic rooms that are “staged” for impact.
2. Well designed conversation areas in which one seat has the dominant position.
3. Rectangular dining tables with a “host” seat at one end.
4. Mirrors. They provide a means of getting self approval.
5. A bedroom with a king-size bed, unusual headboard, and/or luxurious trims.
6. Warm colors.
7. Spotlighted accessories.
8. Dramatic room lighting.
9. Accessories like trophies, diplomas, and awards. Anything that shows special achievement or interest.
10. Anything that’s unusual, thought provoking, or a conversation starter.

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