Cushion Talk

Hello again Fabric Fans!  Do you like sewing cushions and pillows with your fresh finds from Fabric Farms? 😉  I’ll let you in on a secret: although I’ve been upholstering for over 15 years, I just recently learned how to sew a boxed cushion. It’s true!  I love upholstery – choosing a gorgeous fabric and then stretching, cutting, stapling and bending it to my will – it’s great fun.  

Sewing the cushion seat…not so much.  

Antique Victorian Chair, reupholstered by Fabric Farms Interiors

This is my favorite kind of chair – look at that beautiful, tight seat.  No cushion required! Yay!!

But cushions ARE part of upholstery, so I signed up for the Box Cushion Class here at Fabric Farms Interiors.  I was a bit apprehensive because it wasn’t a hands on class; it was a demonstration class. Normally I need to do something about fifty times before I feel comfortable so I wondered just how effective this would be for me…

Pretty darn effective as it happens!  🙂  

Set Up Before Cushion Class

Bernie Iven, who teaches the class, is, unlike me, super organized.

And, he really knows what he’s doing – I call him the “Cushion Master”.  I think he just makes cushions for fun – his are scattered all around the store!

The class wasn’t completely hands off – we practiced things like installing zippers and making cushion calculations in class so we could ask questions.  After two hours of cushion talk,  I brought home lots of knowledge in my head and his invaluable hand out, How To Make a Boxed Cushion, complete with worksheets and templates for home!    Bernie recommended that you make a cushion soon after you complete the class so I took his advice…

Not too bad for a first time attempt at a window seat cushion, if I do say so myself! 😉  This one is 6 feet long.  If you’d like to take Bernie’s Boxed Cushion Class, call the store at #614-771-9900 – there are a few spots open for the November 12, 2015 class…

Until next time…  🙂 Leslie

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