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Color Decisions

Deciding what colors you want for your windows is only the first step because there are millions of colors to choose from within the “base” colors. In other words, whittling your color choice down to blue still leaves you with many variations of the color blue from which you can choose. Luckily, fabrics offer lots of colorful options that you can coordinate as well as combining patterns and textures too!

Colors: Hot and Cold
A color can be defined as “warm” or “cool” depending on where it falls within the basic color spectrum and in regards to your interior spaces.

Warm colors like orange, yellow and red exude sunlight hues and can make a room or window have a very warming effect. Warm colors can be used to make objects or surfaces feel closer together.

Cool colors include moonlight blues, whites, mauves and violets. They are used to help expand your room and window space and project light from a window into a room’s space.

Colors that Complement
Colors can naturally work well together on a window and within your room decor. When considering fabric colors and options for your next window treatment, consider paring fabric colors with you paints, wall coverings, carpets and accessories for a truly complementary interior scheme.

Neutral colors on a window can really enhance your interiors and provide added comfort and warmth to a room. If you think neutral colors aren’t colorful enough, consider adding decorative trim.

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